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What is the difference between Short Sale and Foreclosure in Greeley, CO

A short sale and foreclosure can present different advantages and difficulties regardless if you are on the buyers or sellers side of the transaction. It is important to understand your options when pursuing a short sale or foreclosure. What is the difference between short sale and foreclosure in Greeley, CO? Which Option Is Better for You? Find […]

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Need to Sell Your House Fast? We Buy Homes for Cash in Fort Collins CO

Need to sell your house fast because of the situation you’re into? Are you behind on payments? Or need of debt relief? Maybe you’re dealing with a divorce, job transfer or bad tenant? Does your home needs too many repairs to be sold? Are you facing foreclosure? Selling Your Home Fast is possible with NoCo House […]

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Facing Foreclosure in Fort Collins, CO?

 Are you Facing Foreclosure in Fort Collins, CO? Facing foreclosure or know someone who is? We can help you! As you read this article, explore the options to prevent facing foreclosure in Fort Collins, CO. Get rid of your mortgage payments and the stress of damaging your credit. It only takes a few missed mortgage payments […]

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We Buy Houses Scams in Fort Collins– Beware Of Scams Like These

You’ve read it in the news… seen it online all over the place about some con artists lurking around posing as legitimate house buyers in Fort Collins … so you’re likely confused on what to look for and what you should do when selling your house fast here in Fort Collins. There are some tell-tale signs […]

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