Want To Save Your Home From Foreclosure?

There Are Options For You To Keep Your Home.

A foreclosure is a home that belongs to the bank, which once belonged to a home owner. The homeowner either abandoned the home or voluntarily deeded the home to the bank.

Why Do Sellers Go Into Foreclosure?

Sellers stop making payments for a lots of reasons. Few choose to go into foreclosure voluntarily. It’s often an unpredictable result from one of the following:

  • Laid-off, fired or quit job
  • Inability to continue working due to medical conditions
  • Excessive debt and mounting bill obligations
  • Squabbles with co-owner, divorce
  • Job transfer to another state
  • Maintenance issues they can longer afford

But if you’re in foreclosure and you’re wanting to keep your home… it’s not easy, but there are options… 

As you likely already know, one of your goals if you’re in foreclosure is to do everything you can do stop foreclosure in Fort Collins and avoid the consequences that a foreclosure on your record can have to your credit and your finances.

Sometimes it seems like new government regulations and programs for foreclosure in Fort Collins come out on a consistent basis… so it’s tough for most people to keep up with.

But, there are options that could help you stay in your home if your situation qualifies. Read the testimonial from one of our clients who dealt with foreclosure and how NoCo Housing LLC helped her to surpass such situation.

I am a single mom and ended up in a financial situation where I needed to get rid of my house quick. I was behind on payments and was faced with foreclosure on my home.I was extremely wary of all the ads out there to “save your home” by signing it over to someone else. Well, after personally meeting Blake of NoCo House Buyers Inc, talking through many different options to make sure it was the right option for me. Mr. Stevens did all the legwork and knows what he is doing. I was so relieved to have another option besides foreclosure.And I have also met an extremely honest, upfront, loyal businessman in our community. I wholeheartedly recommend Blake Stevens if you are in a similar situation and need someone who knows what they are doing.~Samantha Minnis from Loveland, CO

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What’s the catch? There is none. We have a lot of experience in this real estate market and working with foreclosures, and many times we can help. We’ll line out your options and if we can help you with any of those options we’ll let you know. From there you can look at your options and come back to us if you want to explore going down any of those paths to help save you from foreclosure.

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