Do you have that great desire of selling your house fast? Worry no more! We Buy Houses in Fort Collins. Selling Your House Fast is NoCo House Buyers Inc main goal. Explore all the benefits of selling your house to us.

Blake Stevens, Owner of NoCo House Buyers Inc

 Benefits of Selling Your House Fast to Us

These are the benefits you’ll have to enjoy if you decide to sell your house to NoCo Housing LLC:


We Offer you a Fair Price with NO Real Estate Commissions

NoCo House Buyers Inc is a private buyer. With us you will save thousands by not paying any fees or commissions. You will not have to pay any realtor fees or points. We will make it simple, fast and easy for you to turn your property into cash. We’ll give you a fair cash offer plus pay all of the closing fees. We’ll cover all expenses to complete the transaction. Great opportunity of selling your house fast, right?

We Purchase the Property in its Current Condition

You will not be required to make any repairs because NoCo House Buyers Inc will buy your property in “as-is” condition. You don’t have to fix up a thing in your house, keep it spotless for the general public to mill thru and deal with inspectors and appraisers and their demands for repairs. We also aim “selling your house fast” so we will make it fast.

We Close the Transaction with Cash and on the Date of your Choice

NoCo House Buyers Inc will make selling your house fast, simple, and easy for you to turn your property into cash. We can pay all cash and close quickly or whenever you’d like if we’ll agree on an amount we are both comfortable with. Choose the date to get your cash, take what you want leave the rest. Amazing offer, right?

We require No Inspections, No Appraisals and No Repairs

NoCo House Buyers Inc doesn’t require these. We will buy your house whatever your house condition is. The property will be bought in it’s as is condition. It won’t be like the normal sales process where you have to pay huge realtor fee’s, fix up the house and keep it spotless for the general public to mill thru, get in your business, peek in your medicine cabinet and underwear drawer. Then deal with inspectors and their demands that you make repairs after you already made a deal. Then you have to wait 45 days for appraisal all the while hoping the buyers loan goes thru so that you can get your money. Selling your house fast? Come on! NoCo House Buyers will buy your house without all of these.

We can Buy with Tenants in Place

NoCo House Buyers Inc can close quick, with or without a tenant in place. If you live in it we can be very flexible around a move out date. We can even help you buy the home with a very low down payment and near all-time-low interest rates with bank financing which means very low monthly payments. Selling your house fast and moving to your new house fast! What about that? Isn’t that amazing? Only NoCo Housing LLC can do that for you.

You Remove the Belongings You Want and We will Take Care of the Rest

NoCo House Buyers Inc rule is to take what you want and leave those that you don’t. As simple as that. It doesn’t matter if you leave nothing, you will still received fair cash offer for your house.

We Provide Proof of Funds with the Offer to Purchase your Property

NoCo House Buyers Inc can provide you proof of funds to purchase your property. You just need to talk to us and let’s explore all your options.

Please call now at (970) 744-4949, it will only take a minute to find out that we will be the buyer for your property. Time is ticking so call now to get your money before someone else does. We will have your money in as little as 1 week or whenever is convenient for you. You may also fill up the form below to get cash offer from us.


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Positive Factors About Selling Your House Fast To NoCo Housing LLC

In fact one of the positive factors about selling your house to cash home buyers like us is the peace of mind of knowing it’s sold. Not only sold, sold to someone who can afford to buy it!

NoCo House Buyers Inc believes that there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a deal break down at the last minute after you already packed your stuff because a buyer can’t get a loan or a lender wants all kind of repairs done to your house first.

That isn’t going to happen to you. Since we both aim of selling your house fast, NoCo House Buyers Inc buy with cash and your house doesn’t have to qualify to a lender and we’re not going to have your house professionally appraised!

Another positive factor is you won’t have any of the months of costs and hassles that add up while waiting for the right buyer to come along with the right offer, and have that buyer be one who can actually follow through on the purchase. Then after it takes months to get an appraisal and the buyer tries to negotiate you down after inspection, everyone has taken their cut you finally get what’s left of your money.

The most important factor is that you can move on with your life and not have the burden of your house hanging around your neck. When we agree on a price you can consider your house SOLD! Isn’t that really what you want? If you are serious about selling your house you owe it to yourself to CALL US TODAY!!!

Whatever your options are, we want you to feel 100% comfortable with your choice and confident you’ve made the right decision of selling your house fast to us and believe that we’re the best cash home buyer in Fort Collins. Here are some of our happy and satisfied customers. More of these testimonials just click here.

Happy and Satisfied Customers of NoCo House Buyers Inc

We at NoCo House Buyers Inc are so excited to talking to you and give you the fair cash offer than ever! Let’s make a fair and great deal!