A Short Guide: How to Sell Your House by Yourself in Longmont

Selling your home can be very time-consuming and challenging especially if it’s your first time. If you decide to sell your house you will probably need some guidance and not just on the financial side. It’s normal to feel emotional about your home as over the years you’ve lived there it’s become than just four wall and a roof.  It is the place where great memories were made and holidays were celebrated.

Without the necessary experience a home seller will probably make a lot of mistakes. We have put together a guide with tips for home sellers; here you can find things that you should consider before selling to ensure the sale goes smoothly and some tips on how to get the highest price within a reasonable time frame.

How to Sell Your House by Yourself in Longmont


If you choose a price that is too high your house will probably sit on the market without selling for a long time, if you decide on a price that it is too low you will most likely sell the house quickly however you will miss out on cash that you could have earned in the sale process.

For correct pricing you should consider using recent comparable sales in the area also known as comps. This tool will help you evaluate the current market value of your property by comparing different criteria from recently-sold properties in your neighborhood that are similar in size, location, and amenities.

Get the home move-in ready

You should prepare your house for selling before having it listed, make your house as close to move-in ready as possible. If a potential buyer can picture themselves and their family in your house, they’re more likely to buy it.

Sellers who do not take the time to clean and stage their homes could be leaving money on the table. It’s not all that complicated to get your house ready for sale. If you can’t afford hiring a home stager to help you out, you should always consider the simple things that you can do to your own home.

It’s the little things that truly matter. Imagine what you would like to see in a house if your were the buyer. Even the smallest details could make the difference, as these things could potentially lower or increase the selling price. Any minor visible issues could put a potential buyer at unease, they might ask “could there be other more severe issues hidden?”.

When potential buyers come to see your home, the show-time has started; so prepare a show where everything is painted, cleaned, arranged, and attractive. We have listed below a few things that you should consider before listing your house:

  • Paint the trim
  • Paint the interior walls
  • Clean or install new carpet or flooring in the common rooms
  • De- clutter. Get rid of the clutter and excess furniture, You may consider renting a storage locker if you have a lot of stuff
  • Check and clean the chimney
  • Make small fixes like installing new panels on the electrical switches, fixing drippy faucets, check and if broken change the knobs and handles on the kitchen cabinets.
  • Paint the garage door
  • Touch up the exterior paint if it’s starting to peel
  • Keep the lawn watered and maybe even plant some flowers

Marketing your house

There are different marketing strategies that can be used depending on the type of house to be sold and on the current market conditions. Real estate marketing involves far more than a sign in the yard or placing an ad in the paper; some of the most common marketing strategies are setting up an online presence, advertising it through social media, feature sheets or organizing an open houses. However there are other marketing strategies that can be used depending on the needs and desires of your target buyer. For example if you are selling during winter you could present a video or more pictures of how your garden looks like in the spring or in the summer.

Quality photos of your house are very important. Professional photos should be crisp and clear, they should be taken during the day to take advantage of the natural light available, and should present the best features of your house.

Be available

If you are determined to sell your house you should be ready to present it to any potential buyers at the time convenient to them even if it is inconvenient for you. Your house is expected to be clean and prepared before each visit. It would be best if your family could leave the house during showings.

As you can see if you want to sell your house by yourself in Longmont there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration but it does not have to be overwhelming. Make sure you have the time to get acquainted with all the legal, financial issues and paperwork required.

When it comes to selling your house, especially if you want to sell it fast you should also consider working with an experienced cash home buyer such as NoCo House Buyers Inc. They will give you cash for your home regardless of your house condition. NoCo House Buyers Inc will purchase your house “as is” without repairs, cleaning, or painting and can close on the date of your choice.

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Are you interested in selling your Longmont home without using an agent? If you’re ready to sell your house fast give us a call at (970) 744-4949 or  send us a message now! So that you can move on to the next chapter in your life.

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