Prepping Your Fort Collins Home for Sale

First impressions are important. So why would you not do the same for your house? Why not help your house sparkle at its best to help woo those buyers? Read this blog post Prepping Your Fort Collins Home for Sale for you to be aware of what you should do and what not. If cost is your concern, let’s put that to rest.

Prepping your Fort Collins home for sale does not have to be expensive.

Yes, new appliances and updated bathrooms are huge perks in terms of hooking that buyer. If your budget is just enough to cover those items, and you think you can’t afford to put some finishing touches on your home, fear not. There are some universal, cheap ways to help your home pop. Once your house hits the market you can rest easy, because you have followed these inexpensive steps to maximize your home’s appeal:

You’ve given your home a thorough purging and it now has a clean slate. Tired paint or loud paint colors have been replaced with warm, neutral colors. Personal pictures have been stored and just a smattering of tasteful wall art now hangs in the living room. You couldn’t afford to buy new furniture but you have steam cleaned your current couches or tucked them in under new, soft covers. Closets have been emptied but for a pile of new towels and your best spare blanket, washed and fluffy and neatly folded on a hallway closet shelf. Your closet looks huge and plentiful for all the buyer’s bedding.

How about the bathrooms? The time spent scrubbing those moldy glass doors have made them gleam, or a new shower curtain sways in the soft breeze of the slightly open window. Touch-up caulk in the tubs look clean and the tubs look brand new after a hefty scrubbing. The old clogged shower heads have been replaced. New white towels hang perfectly folded over new towel bars. New bath mats feel soft underfoot. The chipped toilet seat has been replaced and the old clunky bathroom vanity you got at a garage sale is a memory. In its place is a neat pedestal sink that cost less than you spent on dinner at the new restaurant in town. Your bathrooms look new and fresh and smell like a spa, thanks to the reed diffuse subtly placed on the inexpensive but new over –the-toilet cabinets.

Bedrooms have also benefited from your work. If you needed new bedding and couldn’t afford it, you borrowed some from a friend or family member and it looks smashing against the neutral paint on the walls. Throw pillows accentuate the look and invite the buyers to imagine themselves settling in for the night.

Your kitchen has been updated to the best of your ability. You’re glad you spent the money on new appliances when you see that smile on your buyer’s face. You know you have earned some negotiating power. Your cabinets are newly painted or stained, all the handles match and your floors also boast the results of the afternoon you spent with the rented sander. Your self-staining job on the kitchen floor and the back patio came out great, and you now know you are entitled to expect the same attention has been spent on the home you will buy right after you cash this check.

Last but not least, you see the time you spent on the fireplace was well worth it. The screen that was once covered with soot looks brand new after you wiped it and devoted a can of black spray paint to its strands. The soot you can’t quite remove from your fingernails is nothing compared to the value you added to your home’s appeal by scrubbing the fireplace interior before you staged it with logs, all set to be lit.
All the interior effort has now bedazzled your home. You may not recognize it any more. But it is all for naught if your buyers keep driving past. Before you kick back for some hard-earned rest, make sure you have not forgotten to dote on your home’s curb appeal.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when determining what to work on outside your home: Can someone drive up the driveway without wrecking their tires or giving their car’s suspension a workout? Is your yard attractive- are the garbage cans overflowing or blocking doorways? Is the grass full of weeds or covered with leaves? Is the paint looking a little dingy? Is there any color to draw the buyer’s eye?

Under ideal circumstances the driveway if smartly paved, the paint is clean and chip-free, and landscaping is neat and alluring. But if you can’t afford to re-pave the driveway, filling any holes is a good Plan B. Can’t afford to paint your exterior? Power washing can remove the grime and let your home shine. New trees and bushes aren’t in the budget? Blow the leaves, rake the sticks and any stones, pick up any dog messes and consider a kennel outside to confine the dog(s) and keep the wear-and tear on the yard at a minimum. A few strategically placed clusters of bright flowers or greenery by the front door and in the windowsills can go a long way toward a charming first impression.

You’ve done the best you can on a limited budget. Invite those buyers in with confidence.

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