Tired of Handling Bad Tenants in Fort Collins, CO?

Are you a landlord who happens to have bad tenants? Have you checked on your rental lately? Things might not be as pretty as you left them. Read this blog post entitled “Tired of Handling Bad Tenants in Fort Collins, CO”, and we might be of help!

Are you ready to stop putting up with the headache of bad tenants? Or finding tenants all together? Are you Tired of Handling Bad Tenants in Fort Collins, CO?


You have a few options to consider if you don’t want to deal and tired of handling bad tenants anymore.

In some cases, you can offer your tenant money to leave– but this seems counter-productive for someone trying to make money and not lose it. You can also evict your tenant if they are breaking their lease with their actions, or violating any rules, but this process can be drawn out and expensive with court fees and attorneys. Unfortunately, in some extreme cases, eviction may be the only option. Sometimes, a landlord finds that giving a tenant one chance turns into two chances, which then results in a third chance, and so on. This wastes time, causes aggravation, and can result in the loss of rent income.

If you are done dealing with these headaches that come with being a landlord you can always sell your property to us. And this option is the least stressful of all- Let us take your problem off your hands. Even if your bad tenants have left your home in shambles, desperate need of repairs, we will buy as-is and give you cash for it. You can even sell us your home with tenants inside! Stop wasting your time and energy working with tenants that disrespect and damage your investment and call us today at (970) 744-4949 and NoCo Housing LLC will take care of everything for you.

NoCo Housing LLC has been in the business of buying rental homes regardless of condition and price range for years. We will buy the house exactly as is and do the repairs and cleaning ourselves. We buy your house and close on your schedule. Don’t believe handwritten “We’ll Buy Your House for Cash” signs on the side of the road, come to someone who knows the Fort Collins Market better than anyone, call us today or Click here now and fill out the form to sell your house fast. Let’s talk and make a fair deal!



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